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About Dodgeball

Documentation Summary

Welcome to our documentation!

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I am on the Fraud Team

We recommend starting by reading more about Dodgeball and how we work in our Documentation Overview. To see our product in action, check out our User Guides, or get in touch with someone from our team.

I am on the Engineering Team

Ready to get started? Check out the Developer Documentation for Quick Start guides, SDK Guides, and Integration Resources.

What is Dodgeball

Dodgeball is a single integration for managing fraud and malicious user behavior on any application (iOS and Android coming soon!).

Dodgeball protects your application by tracking visitors (this is optional) and by executing Checkpoints at key moments of risk, such as account opening, login, payments, etc.

The tracking service collects device data, network information, and user session details. The Customer Data Platform (CDP) combines this with past session information and the results of executed Checkpoints.

Checkpoints determine if an interaction should be allowed or denied and whether any follow-up response is needed. A no-code Workflow Editor allows you to automate a response based on the tracked data about the visitor, signals from your application, and an Integration Catalog of 3rd-party fraud and security tools.

Our Integration Catalog gives access to the best products on the market for solving application fraud such as fraud detection engines, data enrichment services, IP intelligence, behavioral intelligence, identity verification checks, 3rd party case management, and more.

The Dodgeball Stack

When to use Dodgeball

Dodgeball secures any risky action. A risky action is one that may open your application up to fraud from bad actors. Some key examples are:

  • Registration: bad actors may create accounts programmatically.
  • Login: bad actors may use stolen or guessed credentials to take over an account.
  • Payments: bad actors may drain value from other users or use your application to launder money.
  • Posting a Listing: bad actors may fill your application with spam, prohibited content, or defraud other users.
  • Promotions: bad actors may act on both sides of a transaction (i.e. buyer-seller collusion) to extract value from your application.

But that's not where it stops. All applications, especially new ones, have unknown vulnerabilities waiting to be discovered. Dodgeball is a toolkit designed to allow you to quickly address any new fraud discovered in your application.